Faden’s Map of Norfolk

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The map tiles

The redrawn map has been split into 72 tiles (for this web site) to copy as exactly as is practical the layout of the original map.

Switching between the two maps will take you to the same tile on the other map but there is a slight shift in the area covered by some tiles because: (1) There is a small amount of overlapping on the original map where the tiles meet and (2) The redrawn map has been georectified. This was achieved using the position of a selection of churches matched to GPS data.

You can download each tile using the link (above right). We chose png (portable network graphics) format for the redrawn map as it compresses very efficiently where solid blocks of colour are represented. For the original map, the more familiar jpg format is used.

Note that to provide a reasonable download speed the maps have been compressed. Purchased printouts of the map are perfectly sharp and clear.

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