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This is replica Tag Heuer Monaco Heuer 02 watch, if you want to buy it, this is the box, let us move it, this is your warranty, all these things on your brochure are just put aside, now look at the new replica Monaco Guys, I'm very excited about this, especially because of the bracelet, you know I'm the bracelet guy, if I want to keep in touch with the fake watch for a long time, I need a good bracelet, otherwise, in short, just An interesting thing, um, yes, this bracelet looks very sweet, so in terms of length and length we have a very short and very short dangle here, we can see the screws here to hold the knock off watch together, I Really like how they integrate the butterfly together. The design has a satisfying click and no extra impact of the traditional butterfly. Well, you know the buttons are integrated in the bracelet, very good, now let's take a look The movement here lets us see if we can get the camera to take decent pictures. If I can't, I don't know if we can get us a little closer, Bruce a little closer and put them together.

Heuer 02

You can see that this is a beautiful automatic internal chronograph, it has a power reserve of 80 hours, and it is a four-wheel chronograph. Hertz's beat frequency or 28,800 vibrations per hour, you can see the rotor, the rotor really rotates in it, which is really great, I like the cylindrical gear with the text in the cylindrical gear with red accent marks, and how to It turns into a dial. You know that we have a silver-plated register with a black sun dial with a double compax design, but red is really popular, it's really good, and how does it match the popularity of red on the back of the replica watch Connected together, so I know that I am looking forward to spending time with fake Monaco. I like the design language of the, because you know that the first automatic chronograph came out in 1969, and the Zenith El Premiero was in Japan in the same year The market launched Seiko watch fake pogue, so it has some interesting history, it is really interesting design I like to combine linear and circular and design language, this box sapphire crystal is very interesting, let me know about it, let me Bring you a good angle to see how proud the curve of this pair of crystal tubes is and from this oblique or tangential angle, you can produce distortions in the light, which is really interesting.


The first impression of the bracelet guy is awesome, I want to know, I will ask Richard of Salzman. If this is that the bracelet on the new hoyer o2 movement is compatible with knock off Monaco's 11 movement, then the cheaper replica Monaco has this module movement. Please forgive my movement, so the function button is on the right and the crown is on the left. Talk to me visually like the original fake Monaco. You know that the replica watch worn by Steve Mcqueen is very famous. I will drop in the photo on the front of the fake TAG Heuer Entry Level Autavia, centered on his wrist, so I like it, but I will like this bracelet fake watch, I don't know if it is compatible, because the Heuer 02 has a caliber than the cases 11 and 12. The case of replica Monaco is slightly thicker, so I will ask Richard, I would like to know that he has told me that you can not buy the bracelet separately, but hope to change it in the near future. This is the first fake Monaco to carry this bracelet , I think it looks really attractive, I know it has a certain degree of flexibility and plasticity, it can be designed with the polished central part of the fat h, but most of it is brushed, and then there are highly polished beveled edges, it looks It looks really attractive, so I hope it is compatible with other replica Monacos, because I may be more interested in other versions of the caliber 11. 

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Although I recognize that this is an excellent modern movement, and it has more impressive Specifications, but compared with Heuer 02, it is a good choice after all, but uh, you know me this is an emotional hobby, for me it is not a logical hobby, so I must understand what I am talking about , But overall the first impression is very good. I am very happy to spend some time here and make a comprehensive and in-depth review on the channel. Maybe we'll compare it with Speedmaster, because I'm sorry, they are comparable in terms of cost Comparable, I know that Monaco replica is more expensive, but they are very similar, they are very iconic and great history, I think we should compare and let me know what you think. Thank you for watching this first impression video of unboxing. I will end your activity with some wrist shots. This is some money photos of Heuer 02 movement in Tag Heuer monaco fake. As far as I know, this is the No. 

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