Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Heuer 02 Review

Today, we will review the latest release of Tag Heuer. This is a new replica Monaco manufacturer movement with a Heuer 02 column wheel internal chronograph. This is the first time in a long time that there is a tag bracelet paired with fake Monaco. You know I am a bracelet, I love a good bracelet, I have been very looking forward to seeing this latest version, to see how good this bracelet is. This vintage 1969 excellent design, is the replica Monaco people have received a lot over the years Favorite classic design. They are the classic design of the replica Monaco Warriors. They are probably the most famous. They do a good job, so I want to answer this question: how good is the bracelet? How much did this movement help the recently released fake Monaco? Or at least devalued it a bit. What heritage is this, and how awesome the offset putters released in 1969 are.

We will delve into all the details, and I will share my opinions and buying advice with you. Before that, I actually want to scream that Richard Salzman of Salzman replica watches is lent the label for display Richard has created a discount code, which is very beneficial for the month of November 2020. It is good on any label. I can't advertise. I can only promote the specific number. It can be used on imitation Monaco, it can also be used on water racing or any other label you are looking for, so the code is in the description, let's get into the video so we can put the watch replica on the camera on the table I want first Put the size, specifications and retail price on the screen so that you can compare it with other fake watches you may be shopping or replica watch from your own perspective, and then let me talk about the way to wear it on your wrist because it is on your wrist A very dominant knock off watch, any square design will be larger than its nominal size, so my wrist circumference is 7.25 inches. 

I have to say that I now like this fit feeling very much. I like heavyweight and sporty replica watches. They are really expressive. I admit that I really like this feeling. Therefore, if you have similar feelings, I think you will really like this lightweight way of wearing it. The details, the quality of this fake watch is here, but if you like a super clone watch that really flies under the radar, it is more secretive, more conservative and more comfortable. I think you should choose other options because the are very dominant on your wrist , I really like it, now let's focus on these two aspects, these aspects really make this version a contemporary fake Monaco or a modern replica Monaco, which is the sport and bracelet of the in-house manufacturer.

Heuer 02 Movement

Let's start with the movement. This is the excellent specification of the Heuer 02 in-house manufacturer's movement. It has an 80-hour power reserve of 33 joules and 28,800 heartbeats per hour, and is equipped with a column wheel chronograph. This feature is very satisfying. , I like all the increased push rods that I feel are mechanical and very pleasant to operate. It is not a certified chronograph, but it runs within the accuracy of the chronograph. Therefore, for the structure of the movement, I No complaint at all. The finish is very tasteful. I like the pop of red. I like the slightly industrial feel. Different hollow elements. Overall, this is a modern chronograph. Technically speaking, it is better than other versions of Monaco replica and other versions. The modular chronograph is superior. I have reviewed one of the past years and I will link this review in the description of this video for those interested. Now I must note that the movement of the rotor is unidirectional, so it is very similar to the valjoux 7750 Similarly, if you move your wrist in the correct direction, the rotor will start to spin and enter the town. You will feel and hear it on your wrist. This is a very tactile experience. It reminds you: re-wearing the mechanical movement, you may Would love it, or you may hate it to appear with this warrior o2, now let's go and see the bracelet I mentioned before, I am a huge bracelet guy, I love a delicate bracelet, not just any The bracelet must be well designed, executed well and comfortable.


I am happy to say that this product of Tag Heuer is very well done. I think it is very suitable for this fashionable retro quirky design in terms of styling. I think it is well integrated and comfortable. I like the short length. , So the drape on the wrist is very good, and it can maintain a good fit with all movable links. The links are fixed together by a screw system, and each side of the link has two screw heads, so if you want With two screwdrivers, you need to adjust yourself now. The best part is the button. This is where Tag Heuer impresses me because they combine function with beauty, so this is functional because The traditional butterfly clasp is not obtrusive, so the button system is integrated into the link to make it seamless. Visually, you know that it is very sharp and very interesting to use, so the clasp is impressive. I think this bracelet from Tag Heuer Well done, now let's talk about the dial details here will give you some macro videos, and discuss some of my favorite elements when packaging the video, as you can see, we have applied a different finish Marker pens, some of the brushes are highly polished, the dial is a sun-ray dial with a good use of accent colors, the hand has a red pop, the needle-nose pointer on the double-needle compact layout and the sinking The register is the same as the red chronograph pointer, so I like the attention to detail and the way it translates the red tone or red tone and some text in the Heuer o2 movement with a column wheel. I think if you look at this dial At six o'clock, now I have well balanced my position, I will see a blacked out date and above, this is the second second crosshair layout.


So technically speaking, this is a traditional three-hand chronograph or three-register chronograph. Sorry, the appearance looks compact, but in fact it is three different registers, so it's a bit different from its debut in 1969 replica Monaco is a bit different, I want to ask how do you think about replica Monaco? Is this a modern version of super clone Monaco? Is this latest version of the bracelet and internal movement still Monaco fake? Is this correct for designing dna, or too many contemporary replica watches, you know that it cannot fully capture the magic, I would love to hear your opinion, let me express your own opinion, I think this indeed still makes fake Monaco I was shocked that the whole room is still weird, retro and beautiful. Although it is a bit ugly, but at the same time I think this is a beautiful fake watches. I like the sapphire crystal box-shaped case, the curvature of the barrel or the top of the curve are slightly curved. 

I am proud of the distortion of the lighting performance. I do think that this is still knock off Monaco, even though it is very modern now, I think I prefer the classic replica Monaco version, if the opposite crown position at nine o'clock makes sense, the clock face I like the original color combination provided by blue and gray, so if I were to buy one, I would want an original dial design crown placement, like the King of Steve McQueen. Although the movement is technically inferior to this modern Uh column-wheel chronograph with a modern interior, I still hope to excel in Le Mans, but I want to add a bracelet, as I mentioned I am a bracelet man, I think The bracelet can make the replica watch look righteous, it is very suitable for dna design, I think that is the ideal choice, this is where I want to shop, and hope to add to my collection, because you know that I like iconic fake watches , Overseas, this is Speedmaster, I like the excellent contemporary design as aquis, so I think fake Monaco is really suitable for my rotation, so please continue to pay attention to the next one I don't know. Hope to know that I can add one in six months or one year, but guys let me know what you think of this super clone watch movement, especially if your obsession with it is attractive, for those who are interested, you guys You can buy high-quality but cheap AAA watches at replica rolex.


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